ID Requirements – Direct Orders

Information for New Zealand checks

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Information on ID requirments for individuals

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Applicant Identity Instructions for Business Customers

Direct Order Instructions

Follow these instructions if you will collect the identity documents for your applicant and enter all required check information on their behalf.
See Instructions Below

Managed Order

If you want CVCheck to manage the collection of your applicant’s ID and make contact with the applicant on your behalf, use a Managed Order.
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Instructions for Direct Orders

When ordering checks via a Direct Order, you will collect the identity documents for your applicant and enter all required check information on their behalf.

These instructions are your guide to ensure that you obtain and supply the ID documents that we require to conduct the checks you need.

To ensure that your applicant’s screening is conducted successfully, please ensure you meet all the requirements below:

Current Name

We must identify your applicant before commencing checks. This identification must be in their current name.

CVCheck will conduct checks in the applicant’s current name as detailed on their ID documents unless the check in question specifies a previous or alternative name.

Original Documents

The documents you sight must be originals. Copies of ID documents (even certified copies) do not qualify.

Sufficient ID

  • You are required to sight and verify sufficient proof of identity for each applicant to support verification of their identity in their current name.
  • The type and scope of ID documents required will depend on the check or checks that you order. Each check may have different requirements. You must satisfy the requirements for every check in the order (see per check ID requirements below).
  • The ID documents must include:
    • The applicant’s full name
    • Their date of birth
    • Photo ID on at least one document
  • You may include ID documents that are not in the applicant’s current name. However, you must also then sight sufficient Change of Name documentation to prove the links from each previous name to the applicant’s current name.

ID Requirements By Check Type

  • Australia: National Police Checks and Volunteer Police Checks

    The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has specific proof of identity requirements for National Police Checks. To ensure that your checks are processed without delay, please pay close attention to the ID document requirements.

    Required ID Categories

    A minimum of four (4) separate and unique ID documents must be provided to satisfy each of the ID categories below. Each provided document may only satisfy a single requirement category.

    • 1 x Commencement of Identity
    • 1 x Primary Use in the Community
    • 2 x Secondary Use in the Community

    See documents by category (below)

    Required Applicant Information

    As a group, the provided collection of documents must include (between them) the following information about the applicant:

    1. Full name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Photograph. Acceptable photographic IDs include:
      • Australian government issued ‘photo card’
      • Immicard issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
      • Police Force, Australian Defence Force or an Australian Government agency photo ID card
      • Australian university/tertiary institution photo ID card.
      • If none of these documents contains a photograph, the applicant must submit a passport style photograph certified by a person listed in Schedule 2 of the Statutory Declarations Regulations 1993.

    Documents in Different Names

    If documents using a former name are provided, evidence of the name change must be included in addition to the four ID documents. Change of name evidence includes:

    • Change of name certificate issued by Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, or
    • An Australian marriage certificate issued by a state or territory (church or celebrant-issued certificates are not accepted)

    Documents By Category

    Commencement of Identity Documents (1x)

    • Australian birth certificate (full not an extract or birth card)
    • Australian passport (not expired)
    • Australian visa (current at the time of entry to Australia as resident or tourist)
    • ImmiCard issued by Immigration and Border Protection that enables the cardholder to prove their visa and/or immigration status and enrol in services
    • Certificate of identity issued by Foreign Affairs and Trade to refugees and non-Australian citizens for entry to Australia
    • Document of identity issued by Foreign Affairs and Trade to Australian citizens or persons who have the nationality of a Commonwealth country for travel purposes
    • Australian Citizenship certificate

    Primary Use in the Community Document (1x)

    • Australian driver’s licence (current), learner permit or provisional licence issued by a state or territory, showing a signature and/or photo and the same name as claimed
    • Australian marriage certificate issued by a state or territory (church or celebrant-issued certificates are not accepted)
    • Passport (current) issued by a country other than Australia with a valid entry stamp or visa – must be accompanied by a current Australian Visa (VEVO printout is acceptable)
    • Proof of age or photo identity card, (current)  issued by an Australian Government agency in the name of the applicant, with a signature and photo
    • Shooters or firearms licence, (current) showing a signature and photo (not minor or junior permit or licence)
    • Student identification card (current) with signature or photo for persons under 18 years of age with no other Primary Use in Community Documents

    Secondary Use in the Community Document (2x)

    • Medicare card
    • Australian utility bill showing full name and address
    • Australian private health insurance card
    • Australian tax office assessment notice
    • State/territory government rates assessment notice
    • Foreign Affairs and Trade – certificate of identity
    • Foreign Affairs and Trade – a document of identity
    • Foreign Affairs and Trade – convention travel document secondary (United Nations)
    • Foreign government issued documents (for example, drivers licence)
    • Australian Electoral Commission enrolment
    • Security guard or crowd control photo licence
    • Evidence of right to an Australian government benefit (Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs
    • Foreign Affairs and Trade – Consular photo identity card
    • Police force – photo identity card issued to an officer
    • Australian Defence Force – photo identity card
    • Australian Government or a state or territory government – photo identity card
    • Aviation Security Identification Card
    • Maritime Security Identification card
    • Credit reference check
    • Australian tertiary student photo identity document
    • Australian secondary student photo identity document
    • Certified academic transcript from an Australian university
    • Trusted referees report

    Special Provisions

    If your applicant cannot provide the above minimum proof of identity documentation, the ACIC can, in exceptional circumstances, allow you to use a different combination of documents to verify the applicant’s identity. For more details, please go to Special Provisions.

  • All Other Checks

    If your order does not include an Australian National Police Check or Volunteer Police Check, you must provide one form of photo ID from the following list:

    • Australian/International passport
    • Australian driver’s licence
    • Proof of age or photo identity card (issued by the Australian government)
    • Australian Firearms licence
    • Student identification card with photo