About Us

A History Of Trusted Service

Since 2005 CVCheck has helped over 1,600,000 individuals and over 23,000 employers to meet the demands of regulatory environments. We are trusted to carry out more than 900,000 secure checks every year for organisations, employers and individuals.

With ever increasing regulatory obligations and organisational liabilities, the workload and importance of accurate, timely and secure verification is higher than ever. We are here to help.

Using the right technology to manage credentials through to compliance for HR, Risk and Compliance and executive teams alike is already the operating standard regulatory bodies expect. Here at CVCheck, we leverage our expertise and long standing industry experience to develop technologies that protect businesses and the people that support them. Most importantly, they’re simple to use.

From hiring to onboarding, right through to daily compliance, the services we specialise in speak to every stage of the employee compliance lifecycle.

Kinatico solutions help thousands of organisations across Australia and New Zealand truly, know their people. Our solutions are the core drivers of a world where data is trusted and organisations are freed to focus on opportunities.

Many of our customers have relied on us for more than a decade and we look forward to serving you just as faithfully.

CVCheck is a product of Kinatico, global aggregator of RegTech technologies.


Certainty, every day

While you focus on opportunities, we connect you to insights that lift your capability and mitigate your risk. We are the know your people technology company simplifying the process of managing daily compliance for organisations.

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