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As a business we pride ourselves on our efficiency, accuracy and professionalism. But that’s not who we are. It doesn’t define us. We’re creating something bigger. Something special. A progressive organisation built on a solid foundation of trust and dependability.

We know that trust is not always easy to give which is why we’ve spent years building relationships and developing technology that supports people. We are honest and reliable in all we do – whether it’s for each other, the person looking for a new opportunity, a small business beginning to grow or a fast-paced enterprise partner.

Our people know that when trust is felt, we all willingly contribute to what is needed, not just by offering our presence, but by sharing our dedication, new ideas and boundless energy. Our people are the reason we’re able to create something special.


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Our History

Find out how a young and dynamic tech company pioneered online verification.

Our Mission and Values

Learn more about the vision and core values our teams represent every day.

Our Board

Meet the members of the CVCheck board and find investing resources in the CVCheck Investor Center.

Why you should choose CVCheck

Safeguarding Your Data
Have complete confidence in how your data is handled and managed. CVCheck is an ISO 27001 accredited organisation, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded to the highest global standards.
Risk And Compliance Management
Want to include your risk and compliance staff in the on-boarding review process? We have in-built compliance workflows that give risk managers visibility and control over candidate check results and approvals so you can hire with confidence.
Flexible Payment Options
Select who pays for the checks (you or the applicant) on a case-by-case basis depending on your individual business needs.
Unlimited Users And Groups
Share the workload by adding as many users as you like. Create groups for your users so they can share results privately and securely within your organisation.
Track Orders On Our Personalised Dashboard
Search or view all of your orders, invoices or results in one place. Your job status is tracked with live updates so you know what's happening every step of the way.
Easily Share Results
Share your results quickly and easily. No need to copy or give away your originals. Our secure certificates can be printed, or sent electronically. Share your information instantly with anyone. You can even embed them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

What our clients have to say

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Employers, recruiters and talent acquisition teams, are you interested in seeing our platform in action?

Learn how CVCheck can assist your organisation to quickly and efficiently perform employee background checks.

Over 1 million individuals have used CVCheck

Trusted and secure

Government Accredited

CVCheck is accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and has been providing police checks since 2007.

Experts in Screening

CVCheck is a founding member of the APAC Council of the Professional Background Screening Association.

ISO 27001 Certified

CVCheck is ISO 27001 certified, so you can have complete confidence in how data is handled and managed.

HRD Award 2020

Award-Winning Service

Recognised as a leader in Pre-Employment Screening & Psychometric Assessments at the HRD Service Provider Awards.

Pursuing Excellence

CVCheck is a member of The RegTech Association and proud to be advocating the adoption of regulatory technology.

Australian based support team

Local Support

Experienced account management and operational support from Australian and New Zealand-based teams.

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