VEVO Visa & Work Entitlement Check in Australia

Australia: VEVO Visa Status & Work Entitlement Check Online

Confirm an employee’s work entitlements within Australia online with the VEVO status check from CVCheck. Australian employers have a responsibility to employ, refer and contract legal workers. CVCheck’s Australian VEVO Visa Status & Work Entitlement check will provide verification as to whether an individual has a right to work in Australia by either:

  1. Confirming they’re an Australian citizen or
  2. Conducting a VEVO visa check on non-Australian citizens which confirms their visa status directly with the department of Immigration and Border Protection.

A VEVO check (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) will disclose whether a non-citizen has either no work entitlements, unlimited work entitlements or limited work entitlements (including any work conditions) in Australia. This VEVO check is completed online and will provide verification for the following details:

  • Passport Number
  • Passport Nationality
  • Visa Type (class / subclass)
  • Visa Grant Date
  • Visa Expiry Date (if applicable)
  • Work Entitlement (including any conditions)

CVCheck’s Australian VEVO Visa & Work Entitlement Check is useful for employers that need to offload the onerous task of manually validating an entire work force to ensure they’re employing legal workers. To check the Visa status of a future or current employee in your workplace online, align with the leaders at CVCheck today.  

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