Special Provisions for ID Requirements

Instructions for business customers

CVCheck obtain National Police Checks from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) who have very strict proof of identity requirements that must be met before any applications can be accepted.

If an applicant is unable to provide the required ID from each category (eg x1 Commencement, x1 Primary and x2 Secondary), the ACIC expects the applicant to obtain the missing/required documentation before ordering their police check.

If an applicant cannot obtain required documentation, the ACIC can consider applications without the full ID requirements for exceptional circumstances only. Before approving such an application, the ACIC will require evidence to support the claim that the applicant is unable to obtain the relevant documents.

The ACIC does not consider that inconvenience or delay satisfies this requirement.

Accordingly, the following are not acceptable justifications for pursuing a Special Provisions exemption:

  • Document has been lost
  • Document has expired
  • Document is held elsewhere and can’t be retrieved

Valid justifications for seeking Special Provisions exemption could include:

  • Foreign nationals living outside of Australia
  • Persons whose birth was not registered
  • Persons who are homeless
  • Persons who are undocumented arrivals to Australia
  • Persons living in remote areas
  • Persons who are transgender or intersex
  • Persons affected by recent natural disasters
  • Persons with limited access to ID documents due to how they were raised, such as institutional or foster care
  • Persons with limited participation in society such as an elderly person or someone who has spent time in a rehabilitation centre
  • Young people who are yet to establish a social footprint or who are without evidence of community participation

Providing alternative ID types

After considering the limitations above, if an applicant cannot obtain and provide the minimum proof of identity documents from each category, the applicant must then provide the following set of ID documents with a completed Special Provisions Application Form:

  • If a Commencement of Identity document cannot be provided, they must provide:
    • 1 x primary use in the community document and
    • 3 x secondary use in the community documents, one of which must contain a photograph
    • Completed Special Provisions Application Form with all supporting evidence
  • If a Primary Use in the Community document cannot be provided, they must provide: