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ID Requirements

To ensure we conduct the checks in all your Direct Orders using the applicants’ correct names, you (or another active user from your organisation) are required to sight sufficient original identity documents (ID) for each applicant.

(Applicants placing their own orders will be prompted to upload copies of their own ID as applicable for each order.)

Due to different legal requirements, the accepted ID required may vary from order to order, depending on the checks ordered for each applicant. You must sight sufficient original ID to cover ALL checks in each order. Regardless of what ID is required for each order, the combination must include your applicant’s full name and date of birth, and at least one ID must include a photo. If any ID is not in an applicant’s current name, sufficient original Change of Name documentation must also be sighted (showing all links from any different names to their current name).
Select the type of checks you will be ordering to see the ID requirements for those checks:

Checks that require a specific ID form (per check)

  • New Zealand: Accident Compensation
  • New Zealand: Criminal Record and Traffic
  • New Zealand: National Traffic
  • United Kingdom: Criminal Record – Employment Purposes
See the form specific to each check for details of the ID required (different form for each check).