About Us

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We’re a young and dynamic tech company, who pioneered online verification. Founded in 2004, we’ve continued to develop one of the most technologically advanced services in Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve leveraged our expertise and industry experience to develop technologies that protect businesses and the people that support them.

Our systems help thousands of employers across Australia and New Zealand make the most of their people. We partner with large and small businesses that want to hire the best workforce and ensure they meet all regulatory and company requirements.

Over that time, we’ve built a reputation for leadership in employment screening and verification and excellence in customer service.

In 2020 we acquired Bright People Technology and their comprehensive workforce management solution, Cited.

This acquisition was the first step in our evolution from trusted verification provider to global expansion as a regulatory technology (affectionately known as RegTech) provider. We are building on our close employer relationships and loyal customer base to meet the needs of tomorrow’s employers in an increasingly complex digital world.

To meet this challenge, we have combined world-class system development with a passionate team who are committed to the success of our customers.

While our mission is evolving and expanding, our core values are an ongoing reminder of the foundations of our success. We encourage creative insights, leadership, integrity, and enthusiasm, as we trust in each other, and act always as a trusted partner for our customers.

Many of our customers have relied on us for more than a decade and we look forward to serving you just as faithfully.

CVCheck is a product of Kinatico, global aggregator of RegTech technologies.