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Getting started with CVCheck

Getting Started

Ready to dive in?

If you’ve used CVCheck previously, or are keen to dive right in for a look around, simply login to your account dashboard and start exploring.

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Prefer some guidance?

You’ve come to the right place! Our Business User Guide walks you through everything you need to know. Just start with the video below that will show you the key features of your account.

Then when you’re ready, move onto the other areas of our guide. You’ll be ordering checks, monitoring their progress in real-time and downloading results in no time.

VIDEO | Navigating your business account dashboard

Resources on Getting Started

Ordering Checks

Whether you need one check or one-hundred, placing your order is easy. The majority of our customers prefer to use what we call the Managed Order. This order method is the fastest way to get your order underway, with the team at CVCheck managing the gathering of your candidate’s ID documents and other relevant information on your behalf. Just follow these steps:

  • Login to your business account
  • Select the 'Start your order' button on your dashboard
  • Add a check or bundle package to your cart
  • Enter your candidate's details
  • Select a payment option and place your order
I'm ready to place an order

We will gather the relevant information from secure sources. Monitor the progress of your order in real-time and download the check results directly from your account dashboard.

VIDEO | How to place a Managed Order

Does your organisation use the Direct Order method?

Some organisations using CVCheck’s platform have been approved by government regulators to place Direct Orders. This method relate to orders where you, as an organisation, take on the responsibility of collection and entry of the candidate’s ID documentation and other relevant information. Should you have access to this order type, you will find a brief video below demonstrating how to complete a Direct Order. Further information relating to Direct Orders can be found here.

VIDEO | How to place a Direct Order

Monitoring Orders

What happens after you place an order?

After you place an order for checks, the team at CVCheck gather the relevant information from the candidate or employee. CVCheck has a streamlined process, that includes SMS and email communication with the candidate, to ensure the information required for the checks you have requested is gathered promptly and securely.

The progress of each order can be monitored via your account dashboard. The status of each order is updated in real-time, giving you the confidence that check results will be returned to you quickly. Watch our video below to find out more.

VIDEO | Monitoring the progress of orders

Accessing Results

Within your CVCheck account dashboard, you can view the live status of every check and order you have placed. Check results are available for immediate download the moment the checks are completed so you can rest assured that you will always be kept fully informed and updated on the progress of your orders.

VIDEO: Accessing candidate check results

Resources on Accessing Results

Account Settings

The popularity of CVCheck amongst business users lies in its ease of use. With powerful business account features at your fingertips, CVCheck’s platform is suitable for all business types and sizes; from small businesses with a handful of staff, right through to large enterprise organisations with complex business structures.

Ensure you are taking full advantage of the features available in your CVCheck business account, including payment and invoicing options, user management and permissions, and integrations with major ATS and HRIS platforms.

Getting Help

With over 150 how-to’s, guides, articles, and videos, you can visit CVCheck Help for more information.

To see a comprehensive video demo of key platform features, you can watch the demo video here.

Do you need assistance from our team? You can contact us here.