Password Security

CVCheck’s Password Policy

Our password policy was chosen to comply with the security recommendations by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the US Department of Commerce (NIST). NIST recommends a password policy that supports passwords with a minimum of 8 characters in length AND never having been listed or exposed due to a data breach of any internet site.

Hackers often breach accounts and gain illegal access by making use of lists of passwords that are published and built from previous system breaches. These lists contain millions of passwords that have been employed by other uses (perhaps, even you) on various systems around the world.

How We Protect Your Account

When you choose a password for your CVCheck account, we compare your chosen password to hacker password lists that are compiled by security researchers. If we find your desired password in one of these lists, we’ll warn you and ask you to choose a different password.

Safe Password Practices

We recommend the use of secure password managers such as 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane or other similar utilities to generate unique passwords for each of your online accounts and record these passwords securely for you.