Flexible payment options

Select who pays for the checks (you or the applicant) on a case-by-case basis depending on your individual business needs.

Every business has different priorities and resources. Choose which of our workflows works best for you and let our screening processes match your business – not the other way around.

Two Ways of Ordering
CVCheck offers two different ways of ordering checks for your employees or applicants. You can choose to have ultimate control of the entire process or offload the admin and just see the results. Or, if you wish, you can ask the applicant to order the checks you need and just see the results.

Choice #1 – Managed Order

  • CVCheck will manage the collection of applicant information and ID documents
  • Choose who pays

Helping you choose: 

  • CVCheck will assist the applicant to provide all the required information
  • Results are returned to both you and the applicant
  • You choose who pays (you or applicant)
  • Supports single or multiple applicants per order

How does it work?

  • You enter only the applicant’s contact details (Name, Mobile, Email)
  • You choose who pays (you or applicant)
  • CVCheck sends a link to the applicant to provide their personal details, check specific data and ID

When do we start the checks?
Processing will commence as soon as the applicant:

  • Enters the required information
  • Pays for the checks (if required)
  • Supplies any required ID documents

Choice #2 – Direct Order


  • You have direct control over the entry of applicant information and ID documents
  • You pay now

Helping you choose: 

  • You are responsible for entering all the information required now
  • Results are returned directly to you
  • You pay for the checks
  • Supports one applicant per order only

How does it work?

  • To use the Direct Order method, you will require approval from the ACIC – Please contact our customer service team if you feel this is the option for you and don’t currently have a Direct Order account option.
  • You enter all the applicant’s applicantion (their personal details and check specific data)
  • You collect and provide the applicant’s ID
  • You pay at the checkout

When do we start the checks?

  • We will commence processing immediately

Freedom to Mix and Match

You can use any of our workflows at any time. Just choose the workflow that suits you best for each applicant and we’ll do the rest. It’s easy to try and there’s no obligation. Why not sign up for a free CVCheck account now and give us a try?

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