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Collect and Store Your Candidate’s ID Documents

Without the Hassle and Risk

If you need to collect and store candidate ID documents (e.g. for HR record keeping purposes) you know the pain this causes you and your candidates:

  • Wasting precious time chasing up and scanning documents
  • Following-up with candidates because they didn’t have the necessary ID with them
  • Cumbersome and frustrating candidate experience (when asked for the same documents multiple times)
  • Admin delays that cause you to lose the candidate
  • The risks and hassle of storing private candidate information in your HR system or (even worse, on computers in your office)

Our ID Collation Service eliminates these problems and risks by collating all of your candidate’s ID in one seamless process.

This service can be configured to match your exact requirements. Contact us for a no-obligation assessment from one of our screening experts.


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How Does It Work?

When you order the ID Collation Service in conjunction with another check, we collate the candidate ID documents required for those checks and deliver them to you in a single PDF. So if you order a National Police Check on your candidate, the ID documents provided will comply with the ACIC’s ID requirements which include:

1 x Commencement of Identity Document, such as:

  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Birth Certificate

1 x Primary Use in the Community Document, such as:

  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Australian Proof of Age Card

2 x Secondary Use in the Community Document, such as:

  • Government Issued Documents
  • Tertiary Student Photo Card

Please note:

  • CVCheck will inspect the ID documents to ensure they match with the nominated candidate
  • This service is only available via CVCheck’s Direct Order method
  • We exclude bank cards and credit cards for privacy and security reasons

To ensure we match your needs exactly, we customise our ID Collation Service on a per-client basis, so get in touch with our Client Services team to get set up.

Candidate Identity Documents
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* All turnaround times are estimated working times for Australian checks and are provided as a guide only. Turnaround times are based on our experience of the time taken for the majority of these checks to be delivered. However, CVCheck is reliant on third parties for supply of information, and in some cases those third parties may take longer to supply that information. Accordingly, CVCheck does not give any time guarantees for any checks or packages. It is CVCheck’s policy and practice to keep you informed as much as possible if there are any unusual delays. Read more about our delivery times here.