Delivery Times

The important part

The delivery times we advise for our checks are our normal delivery times and apply to the majority of our checks. However, our information is always obtained from an authority or third party organisation who may cause your result to be delayed.

For example, most of our Australian police checks are returned the same day if they are ordered during business hours, however, in certain cases the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) can take 15 working days or more to return your results to us.

The detailed explanation

Fast ordering

CVCheck’s online system makes it simple and fast to order your checks, provide your details and upload your identification documents. We have high-speed, automated processes to rapidly manage your request and send it to the relevant authority that holds your records.

Fast delivery

Once your information is returned to us, our processing centre will generate your result certificate almost instantly, which will be available to download from your dashboard … we then notify you as soon as your order is complete.

Effect of third parties

The bit we can’t control is the time it takes for the organisation that holds your information to manage your request and return your results. This delay can vary and is dependent on many factors, such as your circumstances and history, the process used to verify and respond to the request, and other things such as backlogs in their system.

Example – Delivery times for Australian police checks

Most of our Australian police checks are delivered within one day if they are ordered during business hours.

However, the process can take longer. Sometimes, much longer. Any delays in this process are due to delays and back-logs within the National Police Checking Service – not CVCheck.

You can read more about the process of Australian National Police Checks here.

What CVCheck will do:

We keep you informed

Some other providers will simply take your police check application and tell you nothing until your certificate eventually finds its way back to you – whilst you sit and wonder if it will ever arrive, or if it has been lost.

At CVCheck, we have a commitment to keep you informed. We will monitor the progress of your check every day until the police have completed their vetting process.

We will not add to any delay

As soon as the police have completed their enquiries and advised the outcome, there are no further delays, no time waiting for a clerk to fill an envelope and no waiting for the post. We will issue your result certificate immediately. Our system will automatically generate your certificate, place it securely on the CVCheck platform and advise you when your order is complete.