Certified Passport-Sized Photo

Certified passport-sized photos should only be provided under the following two circumstances:

1. In conjunction with either an Australian Birth Card, a Full Birth Certificate or an Australian Citizenship Certificate, when NO other types of ID with a photo can be provided. Individuals providing copies of their ID for orders they place themselves under this scenario should select the Certified Passport Sized Photo type of ID and upload 2 files for this (front and back).

2. If you are unable to provide 100 points of ID and fall under one of the Special Provisions categories.

For the photo to be classed as certified, the person certifying your photo must write the following on the reverse side of the photo:

  • “This is a true likeness of”; and your full name.
  • Their name
  • Their occupation
  • Their signature
  • The date

To see who can certify your photo, please go to Who can certify ID.

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