South Korea: Illicit Activity Database

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This check searches multiple publically available sources for any illicit activity. Sources include:

  • 9 Major newspapers:  Kyunghyang Newspaper Do Hangyere, Hankiik llbo and etc. (more than 1,500 articles are updated daily)
  • 25 regional newspapers:  Kangwon llbo, Kyungnar Jeonbul llbo etc.
  • 6 economics specialized newspapers:  Maeil economics, financial news etc
  • 3 TV broadcast companies:   KBS, MBS, SBS
  • 9 Internet newspapers:  Labor Today, Oh My News etc.
  • 2 English Newspapers:  Korea Time, Korea Herald
  • 5 regional weekly newspapers Kimpo News, Okc
  • Full internet search including blogs, social networking business rumors/discussions etc.
  • Sex Offender Register maintained by Ministry of Justice
  • Case Law Files

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