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This check searches multiple publically available sources for any illicit activity.

PLEASE NOTE – In Japan, police certificates can only be requested by the candidate, and for visa/immigration purposes only. The candidate must provide official documentation from the official agency requesting the police certificates, detailing the purpose of the request, and naming the individual. Police certificates will not be issued for pre-employment screening purposes.


Japanese Black Media
28 weekly and monthly business investigative and rumour magazines from 1994 onwards. Updated weekly with all articles relating to Anti-Social Forces (ASF) and other criminal activities.
Government Anti-Organized Crime Association
Monthly bulletin on reported approaches by organized crime individuals and front companies to businesses in Osaka and Tokyo.
Tokyo District Court
All criminal cases heard in the Tokyo District Court including cases relating to organized crime and serious crime cases. Updated daily.
Leaked Information
Leaked online information relating to lists of OC members and OC front companies. 12,000 names were leaked in 2007.
OC Sites
Sweep of OC support sites.
Daily ASF news sweep
Daily press sweep of stories focusing on OC connected activities.
National Police Agency
List of senior members of the top 20 OC groups.
Police Most Wanted
Lists of Most Wanted provided by 47 prefectural police departments throughout Japan
Religious Sects
Details of 2,500 largest religious sects including the cult leadership.
Right Wing Groups
Details of over 2,000 active right-wing groups and their executives.
Proprietary research relating to ASF individuals and front companies.

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