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Australia: Financial Regulatory
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CVCheck’s Financial Regulatory Check will reveal if an individual has been involved in any activities that may make them unsuitable for a position. This check is commonly used for occupations involved with the management and financial dealings of a company such as directors, insurance brokers, investment bankers and mortgage brokers.

 A Financial Regulatory Check will include a search from the following registers:

ASIC’s Banned and Disqualified Registers:
This register provides information about individuals that have been banned by ASIC, or have been subject to other disciplinary action including:
• Disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation
• Disqualified from auditing self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and
• Banned from practising in the Australian financial services (AFS) or credit industry.

Information provided in this search is taken from the following registers:
• Disqualified persons register
• Credit banned/disqualified [persons] register
• AFS banned/disqualified persons register
• Banned securities representatives register (pre-AFS licences)
• Banned futures representatives register (pre-AFS licences).

Where available, the following details can be obtained from this register:
• Name & Address of person
• Type of banning or disqualification
• Date of commencement
• Date of cessation (or whether it is permanent)

ASIC’s Enforceable Undertakings Register:
This register lists Enforceable Undertakings accepted by ASIC under sections 93AA or 93A of the ASIC Act 2001 since 1998.

Where available, the following details can be obtain from this register:
• State in which the undertaking was accepted
• Relevant section(s) of the ASIC Act which allow ASIC to accept an undertaking
• Names of parties giving the undertaking
• Document number
• Date undertaking was accepted by ASIC

APRA’s Disqualification Register:

This register lists individuals who have been disqualified from holding prudentially significant roles within APRA-regulated industries such as the Australian authorised deposit taking, general insurance and superannuation industries.

Where available, the following details can be obtain from this register:
• Name
• Date disqualification is effective
• Act and Section under which the individual is disqualified
• Entity for which the individual worked at the time they were disqualified

Note: This check is conducted on an individual’s current full name, so if an individual is known by any other names, it is recommended that a Financial Regulatory (Previous Name) Check be conducted on each additional name.

*  All turnaround times are estimated working days and are provided as a guide only.  Turnaround times are based on our experience of the time taken for the majority of these checks to be delivered. However, CVCheck is reliant on third parties for supply of information, and in some cases those third parties may take longer to supply that information.  Accordingly, CVCheck does not give any time guarantees for any checks or bundle packages.  It is CVCheck’s policy and practice to keep you informed as much as possible if there are any unusual delays.

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