Australia: Business Interests

$76.89 incl GST
Estimated Delivery Time: 1 day*

CVCheck’s Business Interests Check will detail if an individual is involved in other businesses that might cause a conflict of interest and is commonly used for occupations such as business consultants, managers, directors and banking services.

Information is obtained from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and will include the following details:
• Name of any company they have been involved in
• Positions held
• Dates of appointment.

This check may also include Registration & Licensee information and ASIC have advised that there is no guarantee that this information will be included in the report. If you specifically need to verify AFS registrations, this can be done for free at


  • For business interest checks CVCheck relies on ASIC results, and its methodology in producing results.
  • This check is conducted on an individual’s current full name, so if an individual was known by any other names, it is recommended that a Business Interests (Previous Name) Check be conducted on each additional name.

*  All turnaround times are estimated working days and are provided as a guide only.  Turnaround times are based on our experience of the time taken for the majority of these checks to be delivered. However, CVCheck is reliant on third parties for supply of information, and in some cases those third parties may take longer to supply that information.  Accordingly, CVCheck does not give any time guarantees for any checks or bundle packages.  It is CVCheck’s policy and practice to keep you informed as much as possible if there are any unusual delays.

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