What you need to know about the updated Ministry of Justice checks

In an important update for CVCheck clients, the Ministry of Justice in New Zealand is overhauling its existing Criminal Record and Traffic Check and replacing it with a more streamlined product.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know and how it may affect your hiring policies.

A quick and easy solution

In its current system, New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ) carries out its Criminal Record and Traffic Checks in a three-tiered offering:

  • Priority: 4-day delivery
  • Express: 11-day delivery
  • Standard: 16-day delivery

To simplify the existing system and streamline checks for workplaces and applicants, the MOJ is condensing the three tiers into a single 4-day delivery service.

CVCheck is working closely with the MOJ to ensure the overhaul will have a minimal impact on you and your candidates. Ordering and submitting information via the CVCheck online portal will become even easier, as you simply select a single Criminal Record and Traffic Check product with a 4-day delivery time, rather than selecting from the current three-tier system.

When will the changes take effect?

The change will come into effect on Monday 3 May 2021.

Once the service goes live, CVCheck will have everything in place to ensure a smooth transition for you and your applicants. If you are unsure what this means for you or any relevant checks you will be conducting in the coming weeks, please contact one of CVCheck’s background screening experts.

What this means for you…

I currently order the 4-day delivery Priority check

The new streamlined service rolled out by MOJ still has a 4-day delivery time, but you will be able to access a better rate. CVCheck is passing the savings directly to you, which will help reduce the screening costs of New Zealand Criminal Record and Traffic Checks.

I currently order the 11-day Express and 16-day Standard checks

As these checks will be discontinued, you will need to order the new check from 3 May onwards. And while the price of the new check is slightly higher, you benefit from a considerably faster turnaround time.

To sum up

If you’re wondering how this will impact any existing bundle packages you have with CVCheck, there will be minimal disruption on your end.

We will be working with all our clients directly to make appropriate changes, and you can rest assured that your checks will still be carried out in a timely manner.

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