What is an online ABA Check and how is it making banking better?

What organisation doesn’t want employees who are ethical, demonstrate a commitment to quality, and serve the interests of the customer above their own?

In recent years, banks across the country have been better able to recruit a higher calibre of candidates thanks to the Australian Banking Association (ABA) Conduct Background Check Protocol.

What is the Australian Banking Association (ABA) Conduct Background Check Protocol?

The ABA Conduct Background Check Protocol, or ABA Check, was implemented in June 2017 and assists the ABA’s member organisations when hiring to find out better information about a job applicant’s past employment history and conduct record. The ABA Protocol sets out a series of fact-based questions an ABA member can ask another ABA member about a candidate. For example, is the individual subject to an ongoing misconduct investigation? Or, has the individual been dismissed or resigned in specific circumstances relating to misconduct?

What is the advantage of an ABA Conduct Background Check (ABA Check)?

Banks have long conducted criminal history checks on new staff as part of their due diligence process. Unfortunately, these don’t always catch serious misconduct which may have occurred at banks where individuals were previously employed. Reference checks, global media checks and CV checks can also miss similar wrong-doing.

An ABA Check puts a stop to individuals with poor conduct records moving undetected from one job to the next. It was developed to promote good conduct and ethical behaviour within the banking industry, and to help ABA members make better informed recruitment decisions.

While all this creates greater hiring consistency, it also resulted in banking organisations spending countless hours reaching out to past employers to ensure a candidate’s employment history and conduct records are up to scratch.

This is no longer the case, thanks to CVCheck’s completely online ABA Check.

How does the online ABA check work?

The new protocol asks members to conduct background checks as far back as five years and the onus is on ABA members to request the information as part of their recruitment process. That’s a lot of time spent reaching out to past employers and chasing up questionnaires for each and every new recruit, regardless of the position they’ll potentially hold within your banking organisation.

CVCheck’s ABA Check solution allows recruiters (who are members of the ABA) to easily comply with the Australian Banking Association (ABA) Conduct Background Check Protocol by bringing the whole process completely online. The digital questionnaire technology is fully automated and is sent to former employers on your behalf. The results are then gathered electronically, and the resulting ABA Check is sent as a PDF report directly on your secure corporate dashboard (within the CVCheck platform).

The report is a comprehensive detail of all relevant information relating to the candidate’s past employment history and conduct, including if the individual has been dismissed for misconduct; resigned after being notified of an investigation; or been notified of an investigation but has not yet resigned or been dismissed.

Want to know more?

While the process of ordering an ABA Check online is simple and self-explanatory, if you’d like to know more about what an ABA Check is or how much does an ABA check cost, contact a member of our team for any queries about this product, or any other of CVCheck’s financial background screening services.

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