Video: Risk-based approach to employment screening: Andrew Maffett presents at The Recruitment Events Co. leader’s lunch

In this video, Andrew Maffett, Chief Commercial Officer at CVCheck, uses current case studies to illustrate the benefits of risk-based employment screening and how to put this into practice in your workplace.

Maffett’s presentation, given at The Recruitment Events Co.’s most recent Resourcing Leader’s Lunch, provides valuable insights for recruiters, including:

  • How to determine your organisation’s exposure to risk (3:58 minutes)
  • The cost of a bad hire (8:21 minutes)
  • Why it is important to get your screening approach right (9:45 minutes)
  • The nine core principles for a risk-based approach to screening (11:45 minutes)
  • How to put the risk-based approach into practice (17:15 minutes)
  • Why the candidate experience is so important (20:56 minutes)

Hear also from James Sherlock, Group General Manager, People, at Programmed, as he shares his stories of horror hires, many of which could have been prevented with adequate employment screening (26:45 minutes).

By conducting thorough due diligence on all candidates, employers mitigate the ‘undercover’ risks of the recruitment process and in doing so, ultimately save time, money, and reputation, and limit their exposure to litigation.

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