Security in every small business hire

“CVCheck gives me and my clients a sense of security, and its processes legitimise our hires.”
Pauline Lautier Simplerecruit
Pauline Lautier
Founder and Director, Simplerecruit

The client.

Pauline Lautier founded Simplerecruit in 2015, when she discovered a noticeable gap in the market for smaller businesses that needed recruitment expertise without the hefty price tag.

Simplerecruit’s mission is to make the recruitment process as easy as possible for small businesses, across a diverse range of industries. When a client outsources the time-consuming process of recruiting to Pauline, it enables them to focus solely on successfully running their business.

“Every position is different, and I recruit for a range of roles in admin, warehousing, fitness, accounting, retail and finance. I have been working in recruitment for 22 years, so I have a pretty broad knowledge of various industries and what’s required for a certain position!”

The objectives.

  • Find a quick and cost-effective way to automate police checks
  • Integrate a police check for all shortlisted candidates as part of the Simplerecruit service
  • Employ the most qualified and suitable candidates for Simplerecruit clients
  • Increase the speed of the hiring process
  • Reduce the cost of recruitment for Simplerecruit clients

“We have a lot of trade clients who want to ensure their staff are cleared with a police check before they work in people’s homes,” Pauline explains.

But Pauline wanted to ensure that every list of final candidates provided by Simplerecruit – regardless of company, industry or role – had their suitability for the advertised job certified.

“Being a small business owner, I wanted to outsource the verification work to minimise my workload.”

Pauline Lautier, Founder and Director of Simplerecruit

Simplerecruit discovered CVCheck via a Google search. “After looking into CVCheck I could see they did the checks that I needed, and their price was reasonable – so I commenced working with them.”

The results.

Pauline is enthusiastic about the peace of mind she now has when putting forward potential candidates since working with CVCheck.

“CVCheck provides security in every new role we hire – particularly where there is more risk, such as in finance related roles. These checks legitimise the hire.

“Most importantly, my clients are happy.”

“We’ve found CVCheck to be reliable and quick in turnaround time. The checks are also very reasonably priced, and I’m hugely satisfied with the product!”

Pauline Lautier, Founder and Director of Simplerecruit

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