My Place Aotearoa: The importance of background screening in the disability sector

My Place Aotearoa provides support to people with disability and their whānau/families, with the vision of being fully inclusive. The team works with clients in their own home, meeting the needs of each unique individual.

Managing Director Rangi Pouwhare is passionate about building personalised relationships with each client, and knew that as the team grew, she’d need an efficient and reliable background screener. She explains:

“The checks provide a second professional opinion that supports all our hiring decisions. We’re comforted by the authenticity of the check, and that they are thorough to the point that no risk is posed to our organisation, or the whānau/families that we work with.”

For the full story on how CVCheck provides My Place Aotearoa with peace of mind when it comes to new hires, check out the case study below.

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