How Programmed protect the young and vulnerable

“These checks give us comfort and confidence in the selection of a candidate.”
Daniel Chilcott Photo
Daniel Chilcott
General Manager – Learning and Development at Programmed

The client.

Programmed is a leading provider of operations and maintenance services across education, health, infrastructure, manufacturing, transport and mining in Australia and New Zealand. Employing over 25,000 employees, Programmed regularly hires at scale and needs to recruit verified and suitably qualified staff quickly for clients in rapidly growing sectors.

Daniel Chilcot, General Manager of Learning and HR Services at Programmed explains the challenges he was facing recruiting and placing staff within the healthcare and education sectors specifically:

“Both industries are expanding very quickly. Health and education are such delicate areas because you’re looking after people’s welfare. We need to be especially thorough in our verification of qualifications and experience for these placements. The checks we need to run for roles in these sectors must be more in-depth given what is at stake.”

The objectives.

  • Thoroughly verify candidate qualifications and experience for highly sensitive positions and sectors.
  • Reduce the risk of hires through a range of checks.
  • Protect vulnerable people tha staff may encounter in their roles.
  • Find an integrated and automated checking process that supports improved time-to-hire.
  • Find a solution that provids e all checks across Australia and New Zealand on one platform, instead of checks from multiple providers.

The results.

“These checks give us comfort and confidence in the selection of a candidate.  It also gives us confidence when we’re marketing these staff to our clients. It gives us a level of comfort that we have done everything we can to verify the employee’s background.

“Most importantly, by running thorough checks on all staff we place, we can confidently put staff forward knowing the risk has been minimised as much as possible, and protect those young and vulnerable people in our staff’s care. There has also been a streamlining of the hiring process, and a large reduction in time spent on recruitment since using CVCheck’s bundled solution.

“It’s the different checks that has made our life much easier. We could source these checks from multiple suppliers but having them done all under one roof increases our speed to hire,” Daniel finishes.

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