Give yourself the best start when re-entering the workforce

Define your motivation

Sure, for most of us our main motivation is money, but there’s many rewards to working, including the ability to learn, human connection and a sense of contributing and belonging. Visualise all of the reasons why you want to get back to work and keep reminding yourself of those reasons throughout the job search to keep you dedicated and focused.

Dip your foot before you dive right in

If you’re having trouble landing something full-time right away, try taking on casual, part-time or even volunteer work to begin with. Not only will it help build your confidence and skills while you wait for the perfect full-time role to present itself, it will also help you build your network which could lead to something full-time.

Prepare your pitch

Every interviewee will be asked why they should get the job, but you should also be prepared to explain gaps in your resume, especially if there’s been a considerable break since your last role. Don’t be scared to talk about why you took 3 months off for personal reasons or to travel, just have your explanation ready to help the interviewer understand.

Upskill if needed

With the speed of technological advancement these days, it’s most likely that your industry may have seen some changes in the way they do business since you were last working. Updating your skills to make you a more suitable candidate could involve learning a new software program, taking a short course, or reading up to make sure that you possess the skill set required for the role you’re applying for.

Get help

There are a lot of free services and businesses that can find you suitable available positions, so you don’t have to do lots of legwork. Jobactive is the Australian Government’s initiative to connect jobseekers with employers. Jobseekers can get help from a Jobactive provider to get and keep a job. You can also look at recruitment companies in your city that specialise in the type of work you’re looking for.

Seek advice

Always seek feedback from recruiters, interviewers, your friends and family so you have constructive advice for improvement. Talk to people who you’ve worked alongside in the past, or people who have also recently re-entered the workplace. Discover from their experience, what kind of work is currently available, and their tips for job applications and getting interviews.

We hope this article helps you land your next job, and we wish you luck on this next chapter of your career.

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