DB Breweries – fiercely efficient recruiting across the Tasman

“CVCheck has saved us so much time, and been extremely beneficial in informing our hiring decisions.”
Kate O’Regan
Talent Experience Manager at DB Breweries

The client.

Founded in 1929 in Otahuhu, Auckland DB Breweries is one of New Zealand’s most recognised companies, creating quality beer, cider and RTDs. The business is owned by Heineken and has five sites across New Zealand and a subsidiary sales force, Drinkworks, in Australia.

Kate O’Regan is the DB Breweries Talent Experience Manager and looks after recruitment, largely focusing on sales and supply chain hires. She explains the situation prior to partnering with CVCheck:

DB Breweries was processing checks manually which led to an extended recruitment time. This was largely due to the standard 12-week turnaround on Ministry of Justice checks.

“The MOJ requirements are also very detailed, so if the application wasn’t completed properly, it would be sent back for changes and the process would take even longer.”

The objectives.

  • Ensure all new hires across Australia and New Zealand have been checked and cleared before commencing work
  • Reduce time to check and hire, especially the Ministry of Justice’s 12-week check turnaround
  • Implement a paperless recruitment process

Because CVCheck is an approved partner of the MOJ, checks carried out by CVCheck are returned faster than organisations applying themselves, or organisations using other non-approved verification service providers. The process is entirely paperless, avoiding the extended delivery time of traditional snail-mail, which is how the MOJ checks are otherwise delivered.

The results.

  • MOJ check time reduced from 12 weeks to 12 days
  • Automation of checks saved 1 hour and 15 minutes of staff time per hire
  • All new hire checks were completed before commencing employment

Kate explains:

“The checks are also beneficial in informing our hiring decisions. The hiring manager might follow up if they want more info, but largely they don’t have to because the standard questions are enough to gain the insight we need to make a confident decision on who to hire,” finishes Kate.

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