CVCheck implements a paperless criminal record check process in New Zealand

Always looking for ways to create better candidate experience and reduce the environmental impact of its operations, CVCheck, in compliance with the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, has designed paperless criminal record and traffic checks.

Did you know? A Robert Half UK research revealed that HR directors in the UK spend 27.59 days on average on recruiting new employees. 5.19 days (18% of that time) is spent on reference checking. Background screening not only adds more time to the hiring process but also makes recruiters and hiring managers drown in paperwork.

And here’s the thing – the natural impact of global paper usage is staggering. According to a recent report, in 2018 the paper consumption per capita of 26 countries was more than double the global average. Both New Zealand and Australia are on this list (10th and 17th respectively) making the Oceania region the third largest per capita consumer of paper in the world following North America and Europe.

Less paper is less pain

From an environmental perspective, reducing paper usage allows companies to directly reduce their carbon footprint.

From a productivity perspective, going paperless enables businesses to fully embrace digital operations – helping businesses better manage their documents and archives, automate processes, streamline workflow and share information quickly.

CVCheck NZ’s new criminal record and traffic checks are paperless

CVCheck believes in sustainability and reducing environmental impact of its operations, while also continuously optimising its platform to improve customers’ user experience.

In compliance and agreement with the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, CVCheck is now offering paperless criminal record and traffic checks. With this product upgrade CVCheck NZ offers a more simplified and smoother candidate experience, taking the pain of the paperwork out of the ordering process.

Why do paperless criminal record and traffic checks provide candidates with a better experience?

The paperless criminal record checks are not only convenient but environment-friendly and faster.

Traditional checks submitted to New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice require you to print, fill and sign a form, which then needs to be posted or scanned and emailed to the government with a copy of your IDs. The form is processed manually which, if filled by hand and read incorrectly, can further slow the processing time.

In contrast, CVCheck NZ’s paperless Criminal Record and Traffic Checks offer:

  • Convenient ordering: It’s simple, intuitive and hassle-free – simply fill out the form on your computer, attach your scanned signature and ID, then place your order on our secure platform.
  • Time and cost efficiency: The turnaround time for the checks are significantly quicker – the process is completely electronic, there’s no printing or postage required saving you time and money.
  • Protection against data breaches: Your documents are uploaded to CVCheck’s technologically advanced online platform, from where they’re sent directly to the Ministry of Justice. All data is encrypted while it’s being transmitted electronically and when it’s stored in the system.
  • 24/7 accessibility: Your results are available online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Simply log into your CVCheck account and download your certificate whenever you need it.

At a glance: why CVCheck NZ’s Criminal Record and Traffic Checks are better


Other criminal  record checks

CVCheck NZ’s paperless

Criminal Record and Traffic Checks

Turnaround time

20 days

  • 4 days (priority delivery)
  • 11 days (express delivery)
  • 16 days (standard delivery)

Ordering process

Printing and signing a form then sending via post or scanning and emailing it to the Ministry of Justice

Filling an electronic form using a live photo of your signature then submitting through CVCheck’s safe and secure system

Information safety

Sending a copy of IDs via the post or email

Sending all necessary IDs electronically via CVCheck’s safe and secure system


The Ministry of Justice returns a hard copy via post of your criminal record check

Results and certificate available in the CVCheck system and can be downloaded any time they’re needed

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