5 tips to create an enviable Linkedin profile 

1. Perfect your profile picture 

It’s the first thing everyone sees when they open your profile. A professional photo or at least a photo taken with a good quality camera is essential. It’s best to take the photo in a setting that relates to your work.

2. Mentionable media  

Document your experience by adding videos, articles and links to any of your big achievements. It’s great to provide visual proof of your past work, but also adds colour and life to your profile instead of a large amount of text.

3. Make the most of your headline 

Your headline is the text that falls under your name on your Linkedin profile page. Be aware Linkedin will add your current job title here by default if you don’t edit yourself. Expand on your job title and try to keep it to 10 words or less.

4. A stand out summary 

Complete the summary section of your profile with your elevator pitch. Back this up with evidence of your success, such as listing awards or quantitative evidence of your achievements. If you want your profile to be searchable by recruiters or so clients can find you, make sure you’re using keywords about your expertise and specialities.

5. Drive your recommendations 

Help legitimize your profile by getting recommendations by past managers, colleagues or clients. It tends to speed up the process if you write a recommendation for them first.

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