Updated ACIC Requirements – July 2023

Important changes to NPC proof of ID requirements 2 July 2023

On 2 July 2023, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) are making changes to acceptable proof of identity documents required for Australian National Police Checks.
As your organisation places Direct Orders with CVCheck and are collecting ID documents from your candidates, it’s important you are obtaining the correct set of ID in accordance with these changes.

What are the changes?

The following documents will NOT be accepted under Primary use in the community documents category as of 2 July 2023:

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Firearms Licence

Can these documents be used at all?

  • Marriage Certificates can only be used as proof of name change.
  • Firearms Licence can only be used as a Secondary use in the community document, which is classified as an “Australian government photo ID card”.

How will this impact you?

Your organisation and CVCheck have the legal responsibility to ensure applicants are providing the minimum proof of identity documents in accordance with the ACIC. Failure to do so may result in ID documents not being accepted by the CVCheck team and/or ACIC compliance repercussions due to failed audits.


The updated ID requirements will reflect on our ID Requirements page from 2 July. However, if you have any related questions please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

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