We have partnered with people management software Cognology so you can seamlessly access CVCheck’s verification and background screening products straight from your Cognology account. This integration reduces the time and effort it takes to manage recruitment, onboarding, performance management and employee retention processes.

About Cognology​

Cognology is an easy-to-use system to power your people management strategy from onboarding to performance management and learning. The platform empowers you to design and implement cutting edge talent strategy across your entire employee lifecycle, including breaking down communication silos to enable cross-team collaboration. The solution is modular, cloud-based and completely configurable to your needs.

The platform helps with the onboarding process as every new employee gets a personalised dashboard where they can access company strategy, team introductions, compliance training, and everything else they need to hit the ground running. As a HR professional, you can see everything you need to know about your new hires on a single dashboard.

Cognology makes performance management processes more agile, empowering your people to succeed by providing regular feedback and recognition. You can generate reports with one click to identify development needs and act on them, while measuring professional growth outcomes in the one dashboard. This platform allows you to track and manage professional development and career planning for your workplace, including identifying top performers and future leaders.

Interested in finding out more about Cognology?

To find out more about how Cognology can help to streamline your employment processes, get in touch with the Cognology team.

Need help?

If you are a Cognology client and would like to find out how CVCheck’s background screening and verification services can benefit you, book a consultation to discuss your business needs with one of our background screening experts.