CVCheck Fraud Protection

CVCheck’s Fraud Protection system has identified this reference report as potentially fraudulent.

How does it work?

1. Details of the device used and internet connection of the person placing the order were captured by CVCheck. Eg, Candidate’s redeeming Check Codes

2. Details of the device used and internet connection of the person completing the reference questionnaire were captured by CVCheck.

3. The Fraud Protection system compared these two sets of information and has determined that they match, which indicates a potential fraudulent attempt to complete the reference questionnaire.

Please note, there may be a legitimate reason why this report has been flagged as potentially fraudulent. Eg, the candidate and the referee who completed the questionnaire could work in the same corporate building that uses the exact same computer equipment, ie Standard Operating Environment computer system.

Our system aims to present the facts and provide employers with the opportunity to follow up with their candidate in relation to the truthfulness of the completed reference report.

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