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Share the workload by adding as many users as you like. Create groups for your users so they can share results privately and securely within your organisation.

The reason you do employment screening and background checks is to make a decision based on the results. We can’t help you make the decision but we have made it easier to share the workload with other people.

  • Create unlimited user accounts within your business account to share the workload
  • Set up different groups to choose what users have access to see and do
  • Security access can be set on a per user basis so only more senior staff can access sensitive information
  • Additional users and groups are easy for you to add from within your account

Unlimited User Accounts

If you are not a one-person office, there’s a good chance that you want to share the work involved in ordering checks or evaluating the results with other people.

CVCheck gives you unlimited user accounts so you can add as many people as you like. You can choose what they can do – order checks, see the results, or just look at the invoices.

Add and Manage User Accounts Yourself

You don’t need our permission to add other users. You can add or remove user accounts and have full control over their permission levels.

Simply navigate to the User Management area within your CVCheck Dashboard by hovering over the Account Settings menu item and selecting Invite User.

Group Users to Control What Each User Can See

You can easily create user groups and choose which users belong to each group. Orders and check results belong to a group, so users only see what they need to see.

Managing your users and their access levels is simple. You have full control via the Manage Departments and Manage Users menu options available under the Account Settings tab on your CVCheck Dashboard.

Sensitive Information is Secure

Security access can be set for each user so you have fine control over what they see – even within their groups. You can give especially sensitive checks a higher access requirement so only more senior staff can see the checks and results.

Safely Engage With Key Stakeholders

With unlimited free user accounts, user grouping and control over each user’s account rights it’s simple to safely and securely share check results with HR staff, line managers or other key stakeholders in the decision making process no matter where they are in the world.

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