Risk and compliance

CVCheck makes it easy to combine your employment screening workflows with your risk and compliance practices. See everything in one place and keep your whole team happy.

Your risk and compliance team are an essential part of your enterprise's on-boarding process. CVCheck is the only screening solution that includes compliance workflows as part of your screening process.

  • Compliance team has first look and final approval of candidate check results
  • Control result visibility with an option to hide results unless they are passed
  • Record notes and risk assessment work against each candidate’s results

Added Value at No Cost
At CVCheck, our philosophy has always been to add value to your screening process – not extra cost. Our optional Risk and Compliance management features are no exception.

Simply call our customer service team and we’ll switch on the compliance features for you and walk you through the process to help you get the most out of our integrated Risk and Compliance workflow.

Integrated Solution
The Risk and Compliance workflows are seamlessly integrated into your CVCheck dashboard. Once they are enabled, all of your check results will be visible to the compliance team.

You can have confidence that each and every candidate result has been assessed and approved by your team.

Find out more by calling our customer service team or signing up for an account today. No up-front costs and no obligation.