Reduce your paperwork

You may be worried about onerous paperwork, or maybe you've had a bad experience with other screening services in the past. CVCheck's 100% online screening platform streamlines the process - making it easier for you and your applicants.

  • 100% online - no unnecessary paperwork for you to print, photocopy or post
  • Keep check results locally or within our online platform
  • View an applicants ID in person and certify it online, or we can view and certify them for you
  • Freedom to choose if you want to enter the applicants details or if you prefer we collect the information directly from the applicant for you


No Unnecessary Printing, Photocopying and Posting

CVCheck's completely online system alleviates the need for you to deal with unnecessary printing, scanning, photocopying and posting of documents. Within our platform you can share check results with colleagues online, download digital certificates to store them locally or keep them securely online and access them any time you need. CVCheck makes it simple to attach check results to an applicant's file without the need to print, scan, photocopy or post physical documents - after all, we live in the digital age now!

Online Declaration of Applicant ID

CVCheck gives you the flexibility to decide how to certify an applicant's ID. If you want to witness the candidates required ID yourself you can certify online during the order that you've viewed these. Alternatively, you can select for the applicant to provide their ID directly to CVCheck and we'll verify them for you.

Online Collection of Applicant Consent

If an applicant is present while you're ordering checks they can give their consent right there during the check order process, otherwise CVCheck can contact the applicant directly and collect their consent so you never have to worry about chasing them up.

Risk and Compliance Workflows

CVCheck makes it easy to combine your employment screening workflows with your risk and compliance practice by enabling this feature within our online platform. See everything in one place, keep your whole team happy and save an additional separate paper trail during the on-boarding process. Read more about our Risk and Compliance Workflows here.