Know when your CV
has been looked at

Most job applications go into a black hole and you have no idea if anyone has even looked at your resume. Thankfully that's not the case with CVCheck. Simply insert your CVCheck verified links into your CV and we'll let you know as soon as someone looks at your information.

  • Include employment verification links right inside your CV
  • Stand out and be one of the few applicants employers really trust
  • Get notified by SMS and email as soon as someone looks at your information

The dreaded problem, and the perfect solution

The job application process sucks. You spend hours writing your resume and cover letter, send it off, and then you're left in the dark to guess whether or not your application is being considered. But by using CVCheck verification links you can not only improve your chances of catching an employer's attention, you'll also be notified when they're looking at your CV!

How it works

Have your qualifications and pre-employment checks completed with CVCheck. As part of our service you have the ability to generate a secure CVCheck Link and insert it into your resume. This link directs an employer to view your verified information and when they do, we send you an SMS and email to let you know.

You can create as many different links as you want and track each one separately so you can gauge how much interest you get from each place you've applied at. You can even share your link on LinkedIn, Facebook or any other online channel and we'll track those views for you too!