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Share your results quickly and easily. No need to copy or give away your originals. Our secure certificates can be printed, or sent electronically. Share your information instantly with anyone. You can even embed them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Share your results the way you share everything else in your life – online.

It’s hard to believe that in the 21st-century people are still printing certificates, photocopying results, lining up and waiting for someone to ‘certify’ that their copy is authentic, and then posting the documents to somebody else – who then has to wait for old fashioned mail to arrive… eventually.

  • Share your check results through a secure CVCheck link
  • No need to print certificates, photocopy results, line up or post anything
  • Generate as many secure links as you want
  • Share your results for life or turn the link off at any time

Sharing At Internet Speed

Life moves at a faster pace now and you can’t afford to get left behind or miss an opportunity while you slog through the industrial age printing process.

CVCheck has transported information verification into the digital age with true online sharing of digital results, giving you instant access and making it simple to share your results with anyone, no matter where they are in the world.

How Sharing Works

Your digital results are stored on CVCheck’s secure servers. You can create a unique and secure link to any or all of your results. Send this link in an email, share it online, include it in your CV or add it to your social accounts such as LinkedIn. It’s that simple.

Trackable With Real-Time Notifications

Even better, your CVCheck Link is trackable. We can see when someone accesses your results, and we’ll send you an SMS or email to let you know your results have been read.

You Are In Control

You can turn your link off at any time, and access to your results will be instantly shut off. Create as many different links as you want to your information. We’ll track each of them separately for you and keep detailed statistics that keep you informed. It’s a great way of gauging interest in your CV for different job applications or seeing how popular your information is on different online channels such as LinkedIn.

Try It Today

A CVCheck account is free to create – you only pay for each check that you choose to purchase. Many of our verifications, such as Qualification Checks and Employment References, are valid for life and never need to be re-ordered. It’s a great way to manage and verify your career.

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