Don't lose your
life's work!

CVCheck’s system allows you to store your verified reference checks, qualifications and prior work experience online forever, so you never have to worry about tracking down a previous employer or locating graduation certificates again.

  • Verified for life – never lose a reference check or qualification certificate again
  • Modern life is mobile and online, it makes sense that your work history is too
  • Give employers the confidence to hire you by providing verified information they can trust
  • You worked hard to get where you are, don’t risk losing your investment

Your Life's Work Online

Somewhere out there, there’s a parallel universe full of odd socks that were eaten by the washing machine and work supervisors that were supposed to provide reference checks. But they’re no help to you in this universe.

With CVCheck’s employment verification service you can get your employment history verified as soon as anything changes, and it costs less than you think.

We’ll safeguard this information for you forever and solve two problems for you:
1. Keep a permanent record of your irreplaceable experience

2. Save your old employer from endless annoying phone calls to verify your employment

… we’re still searching for a solution to the missing socks.

Too Valuable to Lose

There's nothing that you've had to work harder to gain than your experience, and nothing's more valuable to a potential employer. By utilising CVCheck's screening service there's no chance of you losing that valuable investment.