Why an NDIS check isn’t enough

Are you responsible for resourcing issues in your organisation? If so, you know that ensuring your workforce has all the necessary credentials can be a daunting task. It often requires multiple checks, unpredictable costs, and a never-ending battle with administrative complexity.

Linking your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Check + National Police Checks (NPC) can help support resourcing issues across your organisation, and in this blog post, we’ll explain why just ordering an NDIS check isn’t enough.

People living with a disability often require assistance in carrying out their daily activities, including non-domestic ones. Agencies and organisations are investing more and more in risk-assessed roles to ensure the safety of those they serve. However, while the NDIS provides valuable financial support for those living with a disability, it is not enough on its own to guarantee their safety and well-being.

When employing or engaging staff or contractors who will work closely with people living with a disability, agencies must take extra measures to protect them from any kind of harm or abuse. This is why it’s essential that employers obtain both an NDIS check and NPC Check. These checks help agencies make sure that anyone working closely with vulnerable people does not pose any risk to them.

The NDIS check verifies whether or not an individual is eligible for services under the scheme; whilst the NPC Check assesses whether someone has been charged or convicted of particular offences which could put anyone at risk if they were employed by an agency or organisation working with them. Both checks provide information on an individual’s criminal history which allows organisations to make informed decisions about who they hire into positions where they will be interacting directly with vulnerable members of society. By conducting both checks prior to hiring staff or contractors’ agencies can increase their due diligence process when recruiting new personnel – ensuring only suitable candidates are hired into positions where they may have contact with vulnerable people such as those living with disabilities.

Until now, ensuring your workforce has all the necessary credentials has been a time-consuming and costly process. Employers would have to manually check each employee’s NDIS and WWCC status, often having to pay for multiple checks just to ensure eligibility. This process was often laborious and unpredictable in terms of both cost and administrative complexity.

The burden of this manual process was made worse by the fact that there was no centralised system for managing all of these checks. Instead, organisations had to manage multiple databases and keep track of which staff members had completed their NDIS + WWCC checks, resulting in unnecessary duplication between databases. This lack of centralisation led to further costs associated with verifying the data accuracy across multiple systems.

Whether you’re a business or an individual looking for assistance with your onboarding process or looking for an enterprise solution to managing your workforce compliance, we can help. Our team works with Australia and New Zealand’s leading global brands to simplify their approach to credential management.

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