What you read and loved in 2020

Last year was one of upheaval and change. For those in the working world, that change brought questions, uncertainty and fear.

In response, CVCheck is committed to providing guidance in the form of facts, updates and professional opinion in the job seeker, HR and recruitment space. And of course – the occasional piece that had nothing to do with the pandemic and was just a great read.

As we enter the new year with cautious optimism, we look back at the top ten stories you loved reading most in 2020…

Top 10 recruitment metrics you should be tracking this year

We discussed how tracking recruitment metrics aid data-based decision-making, reduce time-to-hire and decrease cost-per-hire, revealing the  important ones to measure and why.

What is ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) and how does the finance industry comply?

Did you see KYC and instantly think KFC? This one is for you then – here’s why banks, insurers and creditors are demanding detailed anti-corruption due-diligence from customers before starting a business relationship.

National Police Check vs. Australian Federal Police check

Easily confused and equally as different – understand which one suits your needs.

JobKeeper: What is it & is my business eligible for it?

The start of the government wage subsidy schemes after COVID first hit – we outlined how to apply if you were financially impacted by the pandemic.

Followed closely by JobKeeper 2.0: What you need to know.

Show, don’t tell: Getting job ads right

This piece landed smack bang mid-pandemic when job openings were few and far between, so the importance of attracting top-quality candidates, as well as dissuading unsuitable candidates from applying, was paramount.

How to get a job with a criminal record in Australia

Despite first being published in 2018, this one is consistently visited. We strongly believe that a criminal record doesn’t have to prohibit employment and cover how to communicate your past and overcome this hurdle during the recruitment process.

My staff do not want to return to work – what are my rights?

As COVID numbers started to recede and restrictions eased in some Australian states, many businesses were ready to bring staff back into the workplace. The problem? Staff didn’t want to come back.

What will the future of work look like after COVID-19?

We got out our crystal ball (and relied on the opinion of numerous workplace professionals) to discuss the changes triggered by COVID that were here to stay. And actually, we weren’t that far off.

How a former principal faked his way through a 50-year career

This was big news, and an ongoing court case for months. We covered a former principal who taught at Melbourne’s most prestigious schools and was charged with fraud. Most importantly we looked at how it could have been prevented.

WA’s fake psychologist: how simple background checks could have prevented the scam

Another juicy story that we all couldn’t help but sink our teeth into, but also a lesson in the importance of background screening.

Looking ahead…

We were thrilled to reach so many readers last year, and cant wait to provide more insight, along with advice from some of the most prominent thought leaders in our space.

Feedback helps us grow and deliver more of what matters to you, so if you have any thoughts on the pieces you read or would like to see more on your favourite topic, reach out to us at [email protected].

Happy New Year!

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