We’ve taken the pain out of checking references

Just imagine if you could send someone else to the dentist instead of going yourself? Like, a dental surrogate. We can’t do that (yet) for dentistry, but it’s possible to escape the pain of doing reference checks on your candidates.

We’ve just released a new streamlined reference check. It’s fast and affordable and it’ll save you hours of admin and eliminate those exasperating calls to follow up on referees and candidates.

But what if you’re not doing reference checks today (or not doing them systematically)? Given how difficult and time-consuming references have always been, quite a few people have told us they just don’t bother. That’s a big chance to take. Take a look at the statistics …

The hard truth is that reference checking is essential if you want to avoid a known risk to your business and personal reputation. The problem has always been that references are extremely time-consuming.

You can’t afford not to run a reference check when:

  • 53% of job applications contain inaccurate information
  • 28% of people openly admit they lie in job applications

Until now …

Our new Streamlined Employment Reference check allows you to:

  • Order easily – request a reference in seconds when it’s convenient for you.
  • Fast Results – returned immediately.
  • Stay informed – real-time status updates and reference progress tracking.
  • Avoid fake references – fraud protection technology to identify and flag fraudulent references.
  • Get all your employment checks in one place.

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