Video series: Social media essentials for employer branding

1. Why HR must get social

Research shows that employer branding via social media is becoming ever-more important in how candidates decide what companies they would like to work for. Social media is an ideal way to spread positive messages about organisational culture. And done right, it’s an effective way to manage your employer brand. Find out more from our first video.

2. Social platforms

According to James Fitzgerald, Executive Director of SMK, “It’s better to be actually effective on one platform than ineffective across many.” Depending on your organisation’s scale and social aspirations, here are a few social platforms you can consider for boosting your employer branding.

3. Social strategies for success

And finally, when it comes to your social media strategy, there are a few things you need to consider – such as your content, your organisation’s values and the needs of your audience. Explore how your organisation can best optimise social media to successfully boost your employer brand and attract top talent. Check it out below.

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