The top 6 HR & recruitment podcasts you should be listening to

Podcasts have become a big hit, with over 1.6 million Aussies now listening to at least one podcast over an average four-week period.

Many industries have enthusiastically embraced the publicity and education value that podcasts can provide, and the HR and recruitment community is among them. Whether you’re a full-time HR professional, or simply a business owner in expansion mode, they can be a great way to get inspired and informed by some of the top minds in the industry while you’re busy doing (or not doing) other things.

Here are six HR and recruitment podcasts that are definitely worth your time.


If talent acquisition is your passion, you can’t go past this weekly show presented by top influencers in ICT recruitment and HR technology, Lauren Sharp and Craig Watson. Featuring a different guest each week, they delve into everything TA from the changing workplace to cultural fit, workplace diversity, latest HR tools, and how to spot the fibs lurking in some candidates’ resumes.

It’s often lively and always informative, with a few sound effects thrown in for good measure. A highlight is the interview (parts one and two) with Hung Lee, creator of popular HR newsletter Recruiting Brainfood. Community building, Brexit, and cultivating curiosity are also explored (among other hot topics) in a conversation that’s sure to inspire.

HR Happy Hour

Posting a new episode roughly every week since 2009, the hugely popular HR Happy Hour podcast is loaded with insights from industry insiders and thought leaders on all matters HR, leadership and workplace technology. It’s hosted by multi-talented HR advisors and analysts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, who bring in an impressive array of guests to discuss the latest news and innovations in HR and recruitment.

Recent highlights include episode 402, which explores how the latest HR technologies can help employers tell better stories and engage with the right candidates, and episode 414, which is filled with tips on how to build a more agile workforce in an era of rapid social and economic change.

SEEK Talent Talks

If your listening time needs to be brief yet highly informative, the podcast produced by the popular Australian job-search portal is under 20 minutes long but still packed with actionable information. It picks the brains of experts from a range of fields on topics such as hiring Generation Z, choosing the right recruitment metrics, building great candidate experiences, and much more.

The show is presented by Hamish Coutts, who currently manages SEEK’s client training program. While it currently appears to be on hiatus (since November 2019), it’s full of evergreen insights and still worth diving into.

DriveThru HR

Broadcasting once a week, DriveThru HR is hosted by a bunch of industry experts, including HR consultant and advisor Robin Schooling and customer experience leader Dwayne Lay. Designed for lunchtime listening, its half-hour episodes cover a variety of critical topics, from HR technology and recruitment to talent management, workplace culture, gender equity and leadership. Worth a listen is the January 14, 2020 episode featuring Elena Valentine of Skill Scout, who explains how employers can differentiate themselves with potential candidates through powerful storytelling.

Saul Searching

Darren Saul specialises in IT support and infrastructure recruitment. In his podcast Saul Searching – which has been releasing monthly-to-weekly episodes since mid-2019 – he chats with other recruiters about the day-to-day challenges and inner workings of the HR and recruitment world. If you’re looking to level up your marketing with candidates and clients, episode 11 with digital marketing guru Razz Khan is a must-listen. Covering everything from cultural fit to building great teams, each episode is an absorbing and informative deep dive into the Aussie HR and recruitment landscape.

Nine To Thrive HR

The Nine To Thrive HR podcast is produced by the U.S.-based Human Capital Institute (HCI) and features a wealth of interviews with leading HR practitioners from America’s biggest companies as well as other HR influencers, writers and academics. At least once a month, HCI podcast whiz Alan Mellish has his guest spill the beans on everything from talent acquisition to HR technology, retention and engagement. We recommend starting with the March 2, 2020 episode, which is crammed with tips on how to write a great job ad posting.

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