Predict a candidate’s future performance: harnessing the power of data

CVCheck partners with Davidson Consulting

CVCheck has partnered with Davidson Consulting and HR Solutions to introduce the most innovative and accurate solution for predicting candidate job performance – Predictive Psychometric Assessments. This automated and intelligent evaluation predicts a candidate’s future performance in real job situations before hiring, giving recruiters insight never seen before, and the ability to make the most informed hiring choice available on the market.

Davidson is taking big data and using it to draw insights and predict future performance – and independent studies show that they’ve got it right. Amanda Sheard, General Manager at Davidson Consulting and HR Solutions is excited about the demonstrated benefits and growing importance of Predictive Psychometric Assessments in business.

What are Predictive Psychometric Assessments?

Predictive Psychometric Assessment is the practice of evaluating potential candidates before they are hired to predict their workplace performance. This technology allows you to screen candidates on the two clusters of traits that research has proved are the most accurate predictors of job performance – cognitive ability and personality. Intelligent learning algorithms are applied to the process to determine exactly which skills and what scores correlate with and predict higher performance. This means that you can identify the top candidates best suited to your organisation and environment.

“If information is the currency of yesterday, and insight is the currency of today, foresight is the currency of tomorrow.”

In the past, a recommendation of this nature required detailed analysis of the psychometric assessment report by a trained psychologist. This was expensive and slow. Our simplified report format makes it possible for an employer with no qualifications in psychology to understand and easily interpret the results of a Psychometric Assessment.

How do they impact business?

There are many benefits to applying this technology as part of your recruitment process. As well as recruiting the person who is the best fit to succeed in the role in terms of skillset and culture, companies using Predictive Psychometric Assessments have also seen:

  • Leadership performance improve by 28%
  • Annual productivity increase by 40%
  • Safety performance lift by 51%
  • A boost in employee productivity by 28%
  • Employee engagement grow by 15%
  • Customer service improve by 36%
  • Compliance results increase by 42%
  • Store profits rise by 26%
  • Reduction bad hires (less than 12 months) by 61%
  • Recruitment spend cut by 35%
  • Minimizing employee turnover by 31%
  • A decrease time and cost to shortlist by 35%

CVCheck is proud to now be offering Predictive Psychometric Assessments as part of our range of tools for our corporate clients throughout Australia. There are 46 ready-made assessments that cover a range of professions over 16 industries. If you can’t find exactly what you need, we can work with you to customise and develop an assessment to meet your specific needs.

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