Partnership Announcement: CVCheck and National Employment Services Sector

CVCheck is proud to announce our official partnership with the National Employment Services Association (NESA).

Since launching in 2004, CVCheck (A Kinatico Product) has built and continued to invest in the development of a smart and simple platform, to help businesses know their people and individuals to safely verify and share their trusted information.

During this time, the employment services sector has evolved into a highly competitive and driven market where continuous innovation is one of the hallmarks of success. This innovative approach has led to strong partnerships with HR Tech firms such as CVCheck to deliver better employment outcomes.

The Australian employment marketing is served by around 3,500 employment services sites with an estimated 36,100 staff supporting a caseload of around 1 million people. This is a challenging environment that demands a wide range of hard and soft skills from the employment team members.

To support employment services in identifying and attracting the most qualified staff, CVCheck is partnering with NESA to provide free psychometric assessments to its ESI members. This service will empower ESI members to harness data-driven psychometric assessments to scientifically predict role suitability with the promise of improving hiring selections and, ultimately, delivering better outcomes to their clients.

Geoff Hoffmann, Chief Revenue Officer at Kinatico said, “The employment services sector is facing increasingly complex challenges and opportunities that need deeper and more extensive insights. The Partnership with NESA is a great step towards our continuous commitment to providing the employment services sector with the tools and services they offer to their very best to participants and employers across Australia. I look forward to seeing the continual positive impact CVCheck services will have for both NESA members and the entire employment services sector across Australia.”

The ESI is a professional body dedicated to advancing practitioners’ career and professional standing as well as building recognition of the professionalism of the employment services sector, more broadly. ESI membership is open to all who work or aspire to work in Employment Services or related sectors.

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About NESA:

We help Employment Services Providers offer their very best to participants – particularly to disadvantaged participants – as well as to employers.

Our members include not-for-profit, for-profit organisations and public sector organisations who offer Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services (DES), the Community Development Program (CDP), and other complementary programs such as Transition to Work (TTW). We lead, collaborate and engage with key stakeholders throughout Australia, always focused on a holistic, positive notion of employment. Our work continues to support Government initiatives which have made Australia into a world leader in the provision of government-contracted employment services. We deliver tailored, market-specific policy support and guidance, advisory services, program design, professional development and capacity building.

NESA is the bridge between government and the Employment Services sector.

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