Lumino mitigates risk to children

“CVCheck has made the process considerably faster, and we appreciate the rigor and responsiveness of the team.”
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Teressa Sullivan​
Recruitment Manager at Lumino​

The client.​

Lumino are New Zealand’s dental industry leaders – the dentists trusted by more Kiwis than any other. And with over 100 practices nationwide, they have locations almost everywhere.

Teressa Sullivan​​, Recruitment Manager explains:

“My role is to oversee the recruitment function, and manage a team responsible for hiring staff across the country – receptionists, clinical staff, managers, dentists, hygienists and all of the specialists. As well as everyone in our support office too.”

The objectives.​

  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance with the Vulnerable Children Act
  • Ensure a safe environment for all patients through a rigorous check process
  • Ensure all staff have completed a MOJ Children’s Worker’s Safety Check (both prior to employment, as well as every three years thereafter)
  • Utilise a verification platform that’s integrated with SnapHire

The results.​

Teressa explains the results from a candidate and business perspective.:

“From a candidate perspective – they are dealing with one trusted third party supplier, which keeps things simple. And from a referee perspective – they have the freedom to complete their reference checks at a time that suits them. Given many of our referees are dentists themselves, the freedom to do this outside of clinic hours is appreciated.

“Because CVCheck is integrated with SnapHire it ensures a consistent and transparent process for our entire practice network throughout New Zealand.

“We save money and time with CVCheck, and we’ve been really happy with the service,” finishes Teressa.

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