Hung Lee’s top 6 virtual events for HR and recruitment

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the ways we work, and network. But just because we’re currently unable to travel abroad, or physically attend mass gatherings, doesn’t necessarily mean we have to miss out on our favourite industry events.

COVID-19 has led businesses to find new, virtual ways for people to meet up and learn. Slick online events are replacing traditional conferences and summits, and given the huge costs associated with attending these events, and the ability for online tools to replicate the experience without the overheads, COVID-19 may have well changed the event industry forever.

Here, Hung Lee, creator of Recruiting Brainfood, lists his top six events for the HR and recruitment industries in coming months for those looking to take advantage of this new, affordable, events landscape.

1. ATC 2020 Digital – June 24-25

Australasia Talent Conference has long been the No1 event in the HR / TA ‘down under’. Now in a 2 day all digital format, it once again features world class speakers taken from practitioner, vendor and analyst backgrounds. There is a balance of case study-presentation-workshop, an online recruiting tech expo and of course, Kevin Wheeler, doing his legendary ‘Fearless Forecast’ forecast. Pretty much a mandatory attend for folks in the ANZ markets but also of interest to a global audience.

2. Sourcing Summit Virtual – July 6-9

Sourcing Summit or ‘SOSU’ as it is colloquially known amongst those in the know is one of the most loved specialist conferences in the HR / Recruiting industry. Focused on candidate sourcing techniques, its ever popular roadshow format will this year feature 70+ speakers & doers from the world of sourcing in an all digital format. Spread over 4 days, there will be hundreds of hours of exclusive content. If you want to spend less money on Linkedin Recruiter licenses and get better at the top-of-the-funnel candidate acquisition, this is the conference to get your team onto.

3. TA Global Gathering – July 8-9

The community spirit is what makes events by the Recruitment Events Co different. TA Global Gathering is a new 2 day virtual event which aims to replicate the festival vibe of amazing events like RecFest, Innovation Circus and Talent Tech Rising. 100+ Speakers, 6 locations, a global audience or TA / HR. New tech platform too, with 30+ hours if content expected and 100% free to attend

4. Next Wave Talent – July 21-24

A new online event with a very practical theme: New Wave Talent is organised according to the key stages of the recruiting funnel – Talent Acquisition at the top of the funnel, Campaign management after launch, Automation & Efficiency and Retention, IM and Upskilling. Delegates can choose which parts of their TA capability needs an upgrade and focus on that. Organised by Andrea Kirby, who brought the brilliant RecFest (see above) to the Australia & New Zealand market.

5. Talent Brand Summit – Jul 7-9

Two day virtual workshop led by Bryan Chaney and Will Staney. Highly focused (talent or employer brand only), practitioner led, deep dive into a specialist topic. Premium pricing for a premium experience – it will be interesting to see if the dynamic duo can deliver in the same in the virtual world. Suitable for practitioners and specialists in Employer Branding

6. Unleash World – Oct 20-21

Still the No1 single event for HR practitioners & TA Leaders. World class keynotes that typically transcend the industry, multiple sessions running concurrently across the two days, dozens of technology providers to review and check out, as well as networking with thousands of peer group colleagues. Usually a must attend for the networking alone; be interesting to see how they evolve it into the online world.

About Hung Lee

Hung Lee is the Editor of leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood. He is an industry professional with over 15 years experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer, founder of award winning online recruiting platform, and now Editor and Community builder at Recruiting Brainfood – the best weekly newsletter in recruitment.  Hung lives and works in London

Hung Lee Editor Of Recruiting Brainfood


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