How psychometric testing is changing the way organisations hire

Hiring manager: “So, Elizabeth – using a score from 0 to 10, how would you rate your ability to work with other team members?”

Candidate: “I’m an excellent team player! 10!”

Hiring manager, three months later: “Wow – Elizabeth really is a terrible team player! How did we not pick this up during the interview?!”

There’s little value to be found in simply accepting the word of a candidate about their skills and attributes.

If you were to ask a candidate to score out of ten their ability to work in a team, they will most likely answer “ten”, or perhaps “nine” if they want to show a little humility. People naturally want to present themselves in the best-possible light, but this question-and-answer approach leaves the interviewer will little data and evidence to work with.

Sure, there are useful interview techniques such as hypothetical questions (“What would you do if you found yourself in X situation?”) or example-based questions: (“Can you tell us about a time when you used teamwork to overcome a challenge?”), but again, this may be a more accurate assessment of the candidate’s ability to think on their feet then an objective method of assessing whether or not they will make a great team player.

That’s where psychometric testing comes in. At CVCheck, we believe in harnessing the power of data to scientifically predict a candidate’s ability to perform well in a role.

What is psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing is the use of standardised tests to measure an individual’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and other factors related to job performance. These tests are designed to provide an objective and unbiased assessment of a candidate’s suitability for a role.

The tests typically include a combination of multiple-choice questions and questions that require written responses. The results can then be used by organisations to make better-informed hiring decisions. Common types of psychometric tests include aptitude tests, intelligence tests, and personality tests.

Psychometric tests can help reduce bias in the hiring process because they are standardised and objective. However, psychometric testing should be viewed as an additional data point for hiring decisions and used in conjunction with other methods like interviews, background checks and references to gain a holistic view of a candidate.

The point at which you carry out psychometric testing is up to each organisation. Some may prefer to use it early in the hiring process to accurately rank and screen every applicant, while others save psychometric testing for the final, shortlisted group.

Ultimately, hiring more suitable candidates through psychometric testing will reduce employee turnover and increase performance.

What sorts of tests are included?

Organisations should avoid one-size-fits-all psychometric tests and choose tests that are tailored to different roles. For example, an Early Childhood Teacher will be assessed on Communication, Critical Thinking, Implementation, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Adherence, Teamwork, Resilience, Flexibility, and Self-Insight. A Software Developer’s assessment will share many of the same criteria, with the addition of Logical Reasoning and Numerical Mindedness.

Not just for hiring

While psychometric testing is a valuable tool for assessing candidate suitability, it can also be used to identify training and development needs and to gain an overview of skills gaps to assist hire-versus-train decisions.

They can also be used to assess the potential for employee advancement – for example, a psychometric test may reveal that a junior team member has excellent leadership skills that could indicate her suitability for a management role down the track.

Benefits of CVCheck’s psychometric testing:

Hire with confidence: With CVCheck’s Predictive Psychometric Assessments in Australia, you no longer have to take a gamble on your candidate’s future job performance. Proven, industry specific data allows you to hire with confidence by accurately predicting an individual’s suitability for a role.

Save time and resources: CVCheck’s Predictive Psychometric Assessment is delivered directly to your candidate, and results are typically sent back to you within one day from completion of the assessment. Onboard staff fast, without the delay and cost of going through multiple contact points.

Fast and 100% online: Through our innovative, online technology we provide you with the information you need to hire better people, in less time. It’s quick and easy to place orders, and the Psychometric Assessments are delivered securely online so there’s less candidate management required from your end.

Information you can trust: Based on real world case studies, our Predictive Psychometric Assessments apply the latest in psychometric science to deliver results you can rely on.

Proven, metrics-driven methodology is used to provide accurate data to measure job related competencies and reliably predict your candidate’s future performance.

Learn more about CVCheck’s psychometric assessments and download a sample here.

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