How Cited is saving the WA mining industry millions

Needless to say, compliance monitoring in the mining industry is critical. But when a consultant or new employee must keep providing their credentials and re-doing training sessions, unnecessary delays – not to mention frustrations – will naturally arise.

This inefficient duplication of effort is something savvy managers and business leaders are committed to stamping out. For good reason.

Draining for employees

It might be a matter of compliance, but repeatedly enduring unnecessary background checks, onboarding sessions and training is going to provide a poor experience for incoming employees and contractors.

Imagine a consultant with 12 clients in the mining industry having to provide their trade certificates and High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) a dozen separate times. That’s not going to do your onboarding experience any favours, which in turn means your employee engagement and employer brand will also take a hit.

Frustrating for employers

It’s not just your employees who get stung by this inefficiency. Needlessly repeating checks, onboarding and training causes unnecessary and frustrating delays on your end, too, as you can’t let people on-site until every compliance box has been ticked.

You know your contractors and workers have already done the training, but thanks to non-portable credentials, your hands are tied, and you are forced to re-onboard, re-train and re-check time and time again. 

Direct costs

To make matters worse, all that time and money you’re pouring into repeated checking, onboarding, and training really adds up.

Duplicated effort is more common than you might think. A Panopto report on productivity and knowledge found that companies in the US waste nearly $6M ($4.2M USD) per year on inefficient onboarding practices.

Companies following the Lean philosophy know that duplicated effort is a form of waste that will hold back continuous improvement unless it is addressed.

Indirect costs

Whether it’s paying workers’ salaries and contractor’s fees for pointless re-training, or costs stemming from project delays and hold-ups while you wait for the greenlight from compliance, your bottom line is suffering indirectly from this practice, too.

According to the same Panopto report, in a company with 17,700 employees, new hires are wasting seven hours a week during onboarding due to “inefficient learning”. That’s nearly a whole day’s work.

The solution: portable and re-usable compliance

Cited works with some of Australia’s largest mining organisations, including BHP & Woodside, and has been servicing the sector for more than 20 years. As such, we have both a deep understanding of, and more advanced capabilities in, workforce verification, onboarding and compliance monitoring of employees and contractors.

Our commitment to the mining sector runs deep, and to prove it, if we have verified a person for a role and their verification remains valid, workers who hold a Cited account can simply send that information on to other employers. In other words, the information an individual wishes to share, is instantly available from the worker’s secure digital passport holding all their credentials.

Portable and reusable verification is one of the ways we aim to reduce duplication of effort in the WA mining industry, and in doing so, we are proud to be helping companies like yours save millions of dollars over the long term.

Typical Background Checks

  • High Risk Work Licences (HRWL)
  • Trade Certificates
  • Police Checks
  • Electrical & Plumbing Licences
  • BOSIET & TBOSIET training

Typical Licences & Documents

  • PPE Uniform forms
  • Site conditions agreement
  • Online e-learning Inductions:
    • Organisational Safety
    • Indigenous Culture
    • Procedures

Typical Compliance Monitoring

  • HRWL validity
  • Licences validity
  • Induction renewals

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