Hiring for New Zealand’s strongest growth industries

It’s a great time for jobseekers in New Zealand, with the employment market estimating an average annual increase of 2.3% for 2015-20. However, hiring managers are facing challenging times with a growing number of jobs to fill, and the unemployment rate continuing to drop to recently as low as 4.9%.

Businesses likely to find it particularly hard to recruit talent, will be those in the highest growth industries:

  • Technology
  • Construction & utilities
  • Business services

In a competitive job market hiring managers may be tempted to rush to fill a role, but it’s vital you make sure you protect yourself and your business by conducting the appropriate screenings, to not end up with a bad hire. Safe guarding your business may mean adhering to new laws, to avoid large non-compliance fines, such as the new mandatory working with children checks, or perhaps it would be more relevant to your business to verify candidate’s certification for handling equipment, to ensure no one is at risk of injuring themselves at work.

Here are some specific ways you can protect your business in making the right hire in this booming market:


Be sure your favourite candidate is as impressive as they appear on paper by getting an in-depth check of their past employment history. CVCheck’s Employment Verification Check will verify an individual’s employment history directly with their past employers up to a maximum of 10 years from the time the applicant ceased employment with an employer. An Employment Reference Check confirms an individual’s work performance and capabilities with references provided in writing directly from the referee.

Construction & Utilities

The construction and utilities industry is forecast to show the strongest gain in employment up until 2025 (6,800 workers per year). The CVCheck Tertiary/Trade Qualification Check will verify an individual’s tertiary or trade qualifications directly with the issuing institute, and is commonly used to verify job applicants listed qualifications, for example confirming if the electrician you’d like to employ is licensed by the Electrical Workers Registration Board.

Business Services   

For finance and/or white collar workers responsible for handling large sums of money, employment references may not be enough to assess a candidates suitability for the role. CVCheck’s Anti Money Laundering Check will reveal any record of money laundering, terrorism financing or identify a Politically Exposed Person both nationally and internationally. This check assists organisations to comply with their obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 and is commonly used for occupations such as company directors, finance brokers, loan officers, financial planners and cash carriers.

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