CVCheck service continuity and COVID-19

Ensuring our service to you

Our commitment is to ensure our services remain available and reliable over the coming weeks and months. Online and cloud-based, we are in a strong position to support our products, customer service functions, and business operations remotely.

While the situation surrounding COVID-19 is uncertain and quickly changing, we are also working to assure the well-being of our employees, company, community, and, our customers.

Adjustments to working arrangements

CVCheck has already made a range of pre-emptive adjustments to our working arrangements and communicated these to our customers. These adjustments maximise social distancing to ensure continued high levels of service as the pandemic unfolds, they include:

  • Moving staff to home-based offices.
  • Conducting meetings with customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and investors via phone or video.
  • Postponing or cancelling participation at physical events until further notice and focusing on digital-first experiences.
  • Placing a hold on all work-related plane travel and lowering our public transport usage.

Our teams are steady, adaptable and resilient. We remain focused on helping you with your screening and verification needs, however if you would like any guidance and more information on how to prepare your organisation through this global health emergency, check out AHRI’s helpful guide here.

In the meantime, stay safe and please do not hesitate to contact us or your regular CVCheck contact if you have any questions.

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