CVCheck is now ISO 27001 accredited!

CVCheck’s relentless focus on information security made certification under ISO 27001 an important milestone for us.

We’re proud to have achieved this independent recognition, but what does it actually mean? What does certification change and why should our customers care?

We caught up with our Chief Strategy Officer, Colin Boyan, to find out. Tune in to get the 4-1-1 on our accreditation (and actually be able to understand it).

0:21 – What is ISO accreditation?

1:40 – Why did CVCheck apply for an ISO accreditation?

4:02 – What did the process entail? What does it take to become ISO accredited?

6:13 – What is required from the CVCheck team to ensure that we remain ISO accredited?

8:36 – What does the accreditation mean for the business, and our customers going forward?

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