CVCheck Integrates with Subscribe-HR

At CVCheck, we’re committed to providing great experience to our clients and making our service available and accessible via multiple platforms. We do this via integrating with intelligent and secure systems we know our clients use and value. We’re proud to announce that as of today we are integrated with Australia’s only codeless HR Platform, Subscribe-HR.

Subscribe-HR and CVCheck are both value-led organisations with a focus on bettering workplaces across the globe. As of February 2023, people management software platform – Subscribe-HR will integrate with CVCheck allowing information to be shared automatically between both systems.

CVCheck’s integration with Subscribe-HR benefits your business by providing direct access to CVCheck to process and update checks. The integration will allow for users to achieve a high level of compliance and integrity across their business.

Information is seamlessly shared between CVCheck and Subscribe-HR to achieve a faster and more automated way of managing your workforce. The integration allows Subscribe-HR’s users to:

  • Check New Recruits and Employees who need an updated check
  • Safeguard their business and mitigate risk
  • Pick the Check they want to run. Police: Vevo: Working with Children + More

“As the only check and verification partner for Australia’s only Codeless HR Platform, partnering with Subscribe-HR further reinforces our commitment to drive a world where organisations are freed to focus on opportunities. As value-led organisations, we look forward to working with their existing and future clients, delivering on mission to power insights for better, safer workplaces.”

Kinatico’s CRO, Geoff Hoffmann commenting on the integration

As a result of the integration, any recruiter using Subscribe-HR for automated employee management can now easily verify the background of their candidates using CVCheck’s screening services with only a few simple clicks.

Try the integration for free. To find out more about how Subscribe-HR can help you and your business, visit or get in touch by emailing [email protected]

About Subscribe-HR

Australia’s only Codeless HR Platform. Meaning you get to adapt Subscribe-HR to your HR automation needs quickly and cost effectively.

Subscribe-HR is inspired to help create Sustainable Workforces Globally, by delivering People Loving Technology to HR Specialists and business leaders, by enabling them to utilise our HR Automation and Culture Creation Enterprise HR Cloud Platform.

If you need set-up assistance, Subscribe-HR offers a Set-up Bureau. This dedicated team will set you up following your instructions. We know you are busy and together, we want you to tell a great story about Subscribe-HR and CVCheck experience. We know what HR professionals need based on our 15 + years of service to HR Teams and Employees.

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